Should You Take On Power Installation on Your Own?

When you need electrical work carried out around your home or business premises, it is always best to arrange for a visit from a qualified professional. While you may think that you know what you are doing, it really isn't worth the risk. While saving a few dollars by completing basic electrical tasks yourself may seem an attractive option, you have to balance that saving against the fact that unlicensed electrical work is illegal and potentially deadly for both you and your family.

What counts as electrical work?

Anything that involves hardwiring any appliance or electrical equipment comes under the definition of 'electrical work'. This would include replacing light switches, moving power sockets, fitting ceiling fans, connecting up an oven or even replacing a plug on the end of a lead. You can freely purchase all of these electrical items, but when you want to connect them to your electrical supply, you must call in a licensed professional to comply with the law.  Whatever the nature of your power installation or electrical work, using a qualified and insured electrician is the safe and legal approach to the problem.

What are the risks associated with electrical work?

Conducting any power installation or other electrical work when you do not have the appropriate experience is risky. Not only is it illegal, but you are exposing yourself and your family to potentially fatal dangers. All interactions with electrical equipment carry the possibility of serious electrical shock. Perhaps you will damage the cable or allow the live connection to touch the casing of the equipment? Maybe you could place the wires in the wrong place or fail to tighten the terminal blocks sufficiently? There are lots of ways that poor workmanship or lack of knowledge could result in someone in your home receiving an electrical shock. Alternatively, it's possible that you could use the wrong cable or do something else that causes a fire and severely damages your home.

Are there any penalties?

The most obvious penalties for conducting an unlicensed power installation could be the death or injury of a loved one, or perhaps the destruction of your home. Beyond that, there are hefty fines for carrying out unlicensed work and also potentially a prison sentence if your work causes harm to someone else. Talking to an electrician and asking them to take on the task is always the right course of action.

Contact an electrician in your area to learn more about power installation.