Fixing Common Electrical Water Heater Issues

In any modern home, hot water is vital for washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and showering. Therefore, a hot water system is integral You need your system to be in tiptop shape to avoid any inconvenience that may force you to call a plumber or electrician. Common reasons why homeowners resort to the services of electricians are fixing circuit breaker tripping issues and failure of the heating elements to work optimally. This article examines the common electrical problems with hot water systems and hot water maintenance.

Resetting Circuit Breaker

Water heaters often have dedicated circuits, which makes it easy to identify problems arising from the hot water system. There may be several reasons why a circuit breaker for water heater trips. Whichever the cause, it is best to find an electrician to fix the problem before it becomes a fire hazard. You should try to flip the circuit breaker on to reset it. If this option works, then you are good to go. If the circuit breaker trips again after some time, then there are several things to consider. Never continue to flip the switch because you also run the risk of damaging the hot water system.

Internal Wiring

One common problem that might cause the water heater to malfunction and trip the circuit breaker is faulty wiring. Worn-out or loose wires can cause a bad connection that eventually breaks the current flowing into the water heater. If your electrician determines that the faulty wiring is the cause of the tripping circuit breaker, then it is advisable to rewire the system with new and high-quality electrical cables. In other instances, the circuit breaker itself could be the culprit because it has seen better days. In this regard, you should replace the device with a breaker with the same rating.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The role of a thermostat in a hot water system is to regulate heat in the heating elements. The thermostat controls the amount of electrical current flowing into the heating element. Over time, the thermostat that comes into contact with the water will age. When the thermostat ages and eventually malfunctions, more electrical current flows into the circuit than the ideal situation. Replacing the dead thermostat could solve the problem of tripping circuit breakers.

Failing Heating Elements

There are two common problems with heating elements. First, the casing of the elements can break, which exposes the live wires to the water. The resultant issue with such exposure is short-circuiting. The second problem is the usual wear and tear of the heating elements, which prevents them from heating the water optimally. A certified technician should test the heating elements to determine whether or not they need replacement.