Have You Thought About a Solar Power Service?

Everyone likes to save money on their energy bills, and more homeowners are discovering that one of the best ways to do that is to fit a solar electric system on their property. While solar power generation has long been employed in areas not on the main power system, it is also popular with homeowners who want to reduce their electric bills.

If you have a solar electric system on your property, you will know that solar PV systems are extremely reliable and easy to maintain. Once fitted, solar panels will continue to generate free electricity without any interference from you. However, while solar systems are reliable, it is also true that every system can benefit from regular maintenance to ensure that everything remains operating at peak efficiency and that no problems are developing, which could cause your system to fail in the future.

How could a solar power service help your system?

Every solar PV system will be slightly different, but a typical solar power service will involve a trained team of installers visiting your site and carrying out a full range of inspections and tests covering every part of your system. They will be seeking to identify any area where your set-up is underperforming as well as any present or likely equipment failures.

Typical tasks in a solar power service will include the following:

  • Inspection and cleaning of all the solar panels and the removal of any deposits caused by pollution, bird droppings or other contaminants.
  • Tests and checks on the inverter system and photovoltaic module strings
  • Inspection of all cabling and connections
  • Operational check to examine the amount of energy being produced
  • Check of roof condition to ensure that the panels remain safe

What happens next?

Any faults or areas of concern discovered during the solar power service should be noted, and appropriate action will be taken to rectify the faults and return your solar power system to optimal efficiency. Following the completion of the solar power service, the service team will leave you with a full service report so that you know exactly what has been done to maintain your system.

Have you considered an annual maintenance contract?

Despite the fact that solar power systems are reliable, it is always worth ensuring that you are receiving the best results from your solar power installation. A regular maintenance contract is a great way to keep your system in the best possible condition and to ensure that no unseen faults are developing to cause you problems in the future.