Learn About Flame Proof Equipment and Electrical Installations for Your Mining Activities

Miners go out of their way to extract the earth's hidden treasures and bring them to the surface so you can use them. They take the credit for most of the things you need to complete your projects in various industries such as construction, manufacturing and processing. In doing so, your miners encounter various hazards that put their life and wellbeing at risk. These hazards can be in the form of poisonous gases, flammable compounds and collapsible rocks. One way you can ensure the safety of your workers is having flameproof equipment. Here is a guide that will teach you more about such equipment.

Flameproofing Motors

The motors are an integral part of the electrical installation in a mining setup. You need to power excavators, conveyor belts and other machinery. Certainly, the intensity of the mine's activities can get to the heart of the motor and cause it to overheat. The excess heat is a risk element that can trigger a flame. Additionally, the presence of flammable compounds and fuels close to the running motor also elevates the risk of a fire. Your best bet of managing the risk is to flameproof your electrical motors through enclosure and sealing. Specialised seals wrap the motor to contain heat and eliminate the risk of secondary flames reaching the motor. Electricians ensure that there is appropriate clearance between the hood and the internal fan to promote a cooling effect.

Flameproofing Lighting Fixtures

It is difficult to carry out mining activities in tunnels and other underground structures. Poor visibility means that miners have a tough time operating machinery, excavating and doing other activities. You need to install lighting such as floodlights, well glasses and tube light luminaries. However, you need to be wary of the heat emitted by these fittings. When installed or placed near volatile compounds, there is an imminent risk of starting a fire.

Take precautionary measures from the onset and protect your mining equipment. Use toughened glass supported with backing rings or plates. The electricians will also create flame paths and gaps to enhance safety in case of a breakout. Avoid sodium lamps as the material is volatile and encourages the spread of a flame.

Maintaining Flameproof Fittings

It is imperative to maintain your flameproof fittings so that they can guarantee safety at all times. Inspect the glass on your lighting fitting for any cracks, and replace it if necessary. Secondly, clean up any dust that builds up over time on the electrical equipment. This eliminates overheating.

To learn more, contact a mining equipment supplier.