Do You Need to Upgrade the Wiring in Your Older Home?

Have you recently moved into a "period" home that has plenty of character and old-fashioned appeal? It may have all of those factors in spades, but it may also be crying out for an upgrade. Surely, you want to maintain its look and feel, but your property also needs to be both practical and safe for all the family. Begin with the wiring, for example. Has it ever been properly upgraded?

Assessing the Situation

You can usually tell at first glance whether any property has been rewired in recent times. However, to be really sure, have a look at the fuse board. Does it have any of those old-fashioned ceramic fuses, or does it have a wooden backboard? These are signs that it is outdated and if this unit is in need of replacement, you can be sure that the entire home should be rewired.

Why You Need to Upgrade

Nothing lasts forever, and an older installation will be suffering from the passage of time. For example, insulation may have frayed and wiring may have become exposed. Modern-day technology is inherently a lot safer anyway and this should be reason by itself to get the work done.

Where to Start

To do this properly you will need to bring in a team of electricians so that they can remove all the old wiring from every room around the home. They will also need to take out switches, sockets and light fittings and get ready to update these to their modern alternatives. This is a good time to consider a general renovation and redecoration, as some wiring will need to be "chased" into new channels behind the plasterboard or underneath floorboards. In either case, prepare for some disruption.

Additional Benefits

While you may not be too happy turning your new home upside down in this way, look on the bright side. You will now be able to install far more power outlets, switches and light fixtures than you inherited and can position them (within reason) in more practical locations. You will now be able to redesign your living room to put the entertainment centre and television in a more appropriate place and make sure that you have enough outlets for those auxiliary items.

It's Teamwork

It all begins with a plan and your electrician is best placed to help you draw it up. Make sure that you bring them into the picture at the earliest stage. Contact an electrician for more information.