Need Electrical Repairs? 3 Risks You Face By Doing Them Yourself

If you pride yourself on being able to tackle do-it-yourself repairs around the house, you might think that you can handle those electrical issues that pop up from time to time. Unfortunately, that's not actually the case. Electrical repairs aren't tasks that most homeowners should attempt. In fact, if you're faced with an electrical issue around the house, the best thing you can do is hire an electrician to take care of the repairs for you. If you're still thinking about taking care of the electrical repairs on your own, read the list provided below. Here are just three of the problems you could face if you don't hire an electrician to take care of the electrical repairs. 

You Could Create a Bad Situation

If you've decided to take care of the electrical repairs on your own, you need to consider the type of situation you might be creating for yourself. If everything goes well, you've avoided a call to the electrician. However, if something goes wrong, you've created a bad situation for yourself, and possibly for others. If you damage the wiring, you'll need to pay an electrician to fix your mistakes. 

You'll also need to pay them to repair the initial damage. Not only that, but you could be setting yourself up for an electrical fire. For instance, if you install the wrong amperage, the electrical system could short circuit, which could cause an electrical fire. Avoid bad situations. Hire an electrician to take care of the electrical repairs in your home. 

You Could Lose Your Insurance

If you're thinking about repairing those electrical problems on your own, you might want to think about your insurance coverage. As a homeowner, your insurance policy protects against a variety of risks. Unfortunately, if you handle your own electrical repairs, you could lose that homeowners' insurance you depend on for protection. The best way to avoid the loss of insurance coverage is to hire an electrician for all of your electrical repairs. 

You Could be Breaking the Law

If you've opted to handle your own electrical repairs, it's time to consider the legal ramifications. You might not realise this, but most do-it-yourself electrical repairs are actually illegal in Australia. In fact, if you get caught conducting your own electrical work, you could be fined up to $40,000. If your do-it-yourself electrical work results in death or serious injuries, you could be fined up to $600,000. To avoid issues with the law, leave electric repairs to the professionals.